How do we make sure that private internet access stays private, a few tips that you can use to secure your connection

This is the Rolls Royce of VPNs when it comes to securing exchanges. With this VPN the data that passes from Private Internet Access servers to you is in good hands. Private Internet Access has the gunstiger VPNs in the world.

Private Internet Access has a double advantage:

  1. This VPN is always on the cutting edge of the latest advances and offers encryption levels at the maximum of what is possible. Private Internet Access is probably the first to switch to the GCM operating mode. CBC is excellent but GCM is better. It is faster and the integrity of the data is quickly upgraded to a third party hash. Also PIA offers secure keys for each connection on each server.
  2. Private Internet Access leaves an impressive array of configuration choices. You can choose for the 3 steps the options you want. Of course the default configuration will suit the vast majority of users. I personally always take the AES GCM with the ECC-256k1.

With Private Internet Access I download my Torrents in total security, no agency can see what transits between me and the Torrent network! Likewise Private Internet Access as NO LOG I can be sure that this VPN will not give away my LOGS. Security and privacy are assured with Private Internet Access.

AirVPN encryption

AirVPN is a very serious competitor. We are in the TOP level of security. AirVPN also offers the GCM operation mode in addition to the CBC. A hash function SHA384 !!! A key is generated every 60 minutes (which can be reduced for the most paranoid)

The key is also available for the most demanding users.

In fact the differences are minor with Private Internet Access. I find that the latter leaves more latitude à the user in these choices of configs. The other difference is that AirVPN is generally more oriented towards more difficult connections like behind very powerful firewalls. AirVPN offers TOR and SSL or SSH

NORDVPN Encryption

NordVPN offers ultra secure OpenVPN. NordVPN uses an AES-256-GCM encryption algorithm with a 2048-bit Diffie-Hellman key. This is the best available today. The adoption of the GCM operating mode is a great thing from NordVPN. OpenVPN is the protocol used by default in the connection software of this website.

TORGUARD Encryption

Don’t get confused about the name, TOR refers to Torrent, not the TOR network.

But this VPN specialist for Torrents also has a very good level of encryption. While for Torrents the main issue is the change of IP in a Torrent-Friendly country like Holland.

The VPN software for Torrents has a very good encryption level.

Torguard’s OpenVPN connection software configures itself quite well and leaves à the user with several choices. Not as good as Private Internet Access but good enough for those who want a Torrent-capable VPN and want to change the encryption with Surfshark slowakia @

You will have the choice between AES CBC and GCM. As you have understood this choice of cipher is essential in this ranking of the best VPNs. The other particularity of Torguard is that it continues to offer the Blowfish encryption algorithm. This was very fashionable a few years ago and was later superseded by AES. Some say that its advantage lies in the fact that it was created independently of the NSA.

Journaling is For Everyone

Journaling, such a humiliating word right? Most accept that journaling is just for ladies, not something men do. However, I’m here to remain against that idea and explain to you precisely why everybody ought to be journaling. Regardless of whether it’s pausing for a minute to soothe your weight on paper or an inventive book brimming with thoughts for future motivations – journaling is a certain method to discharge your over-capacitated mind and get your musings down where you won’t lose them.

Today, I am holding fast and guaranteeing that men do keep diaries. Maybe the thought journaling is private and shouldn’t be imparted to everybody, and that is the reason most expect that men don’t do it. Or on the other hand, it could be the way that a few men call their journaling abilities “record keeping”. Truth be told, it doesn’t make a difference what structure it is done in, journaling can be related as tracking your contemplations, objectives, encounters or sentiments.

For me, the best part about journaling is having the option to work out how I felt that day, what progress I have made and what misfortunes happened. Most things will in general be about the advancement I am making towards my objectives throughout everyday life. I will in general zero in on the possibility of journaling as all the more a triumph device than a thought of reflection. Regardless of what the case however, keeping a diary is substantially more than simply expounding on life, it’s the pathway to your brain and where you are going.

For those of you who like to keep your journaling aptitudes on the down-low, there is currently programming you can get for your PC that will interface with your different applications. Not exclusively would you be able to record your contemplations, objectives and encounters, you can likewise include pictures, sound and video. Indeed, it might sound more like a blog or scrapbooking administration, however for certain individuals, this thought of ‘journaling’ is great.

Effective Journal Writing

“The unexamined daily routine does not merit experiencing,” composed Greek scholar Socrates, and the individual or expert diary might be one of the guideline approaches to do as such.

Despite the fact that it may not be classifiable as a scholarly type, it could be the most significant one, since it empowers an individual to personally interface with his internal voice and find his own reality. Seeking after a feverish timetable, with brief period for thought or reflection, the essayist can consider his diary both a spot and a demonstration that empowers him to chat with self and collective with soul, empowering him to sift through, measure, comprehend, and acknowledge what he moves from his head or heart into his book, regularly arriving at parts of him he never could. Hence, diary composing can be viewed as speculation on paper.

To catch something through the composed word is to give it structure and make it genuine, and the diary can be the stage on which its spotlight can be shone. It can turn into an anchor in an individual’s life storm and the dock to which he can return after every day’s float.


In contrast to other scholarly structures, which are directed by explicit standards and organizations, diaries are close to home, exceptionally individualized assortments of composing, added to at a recurrence that serves the creator. In any case, it can fill various needs.

Since the vast majority arrange life at a boisterous movement, with brief period to mentally or genuinely measure what happens to them, diaries can fill in as their delays, during which they can process everything-or chances to ‘get up to speed” with what may have demonstrated just superficial capacities to decipher and acknowledge.